September 26, 2010

Scrunchie face.

I don’t know.  Harrummph.

I’m watching trash tv at 11:00 on a saturday night.  And not even HGTV fluff tv that’s pointless but still constructive and informative, I’m talking We TV trashy trash trash tv.  The kind of tv you snap-to a half hour into watching and check the room to make sure you’re still alone because it is that embarrassingly pointless and shallow.  It’s just such an indulgent thing to do though… so inexplicably entertaining.  I caught myself watching Jerseylicious yesterday and enjoying it.  Don’t you dare repeat that.

Our good friends Chas and Liz are getting married this upcoming weekend in Columbia, SC.  It should be a good time, I’m actually pretty excited about it.

I went and had a dress hemmed for it.  That’s huge.  That’s adult talk there-getting something hemmed- next thing you know I’ll be talking about filing my own taxes and making dentist appointments.  Maybe.

David gave me the dress a while ago but I haven’t worn it yet.  Not because I don’t love it, don’t get me wrong, the dress is gorgeous.  Truth be told I tried it on when I had long hair and since I hacked it off shortly before he gifted the dress to me, I just haven’t felt it looks as pretty as it did when I tried it on with long hair.  

Silly vanity.

I’m ready for October.  

October reminds me of pumpkins and dry leaves and my Mom and Dad.  It reminds me of playing soccer with my cousins in their backyard and slipping on those bizarre fat crimson berries that fell from whatever tree it was that littered them about the yard.  Little mines to slip on.  My family has a carve off competition each year.  I always wanted my pumpkin design to look awesome but it usually ended up as a huge cut out because I would get too frustrated with my hack-job attempt at the eiffel tower or something equally complex and end up with a simple crescent moon motif.  Go figure.

I have a feeling it’ll be a while until it feels Octobery and orange and sweatery and cool here in Savannah but I’m looking forward and trying to appreciate it everywhere and anywhere it is trying to peek out.  I see you Autumn!