January 9, 2011

Thank you for being you, Green Truck Pub.

I moved to Savannah last March with a pep in my step and a vigor in my stride.  I wanted to eat, sleep, breathe Savannah.  I wanted to walk Forsyth Park every morning and take in the local pubs by the afternoon.  I wanted to soak up the sun and sink my teeth into peaches and and pluck magnolia blossoms by the bushel-full because there were plenty to go around.

Three months later…

I discovered Savannah is hot.  Like, punch in the face hot.  I took morning jaunts around Forsyth for about a month until I couldn’t bear the heat anymore.  I told David: “It is so hot outside it hurts to breathe”.  And apparently, every old, retired, hawaiian shirt wearing tourist wants to “eat, sleep, and breathe” Savannah too.  I was heart broken. 

I love food.  I was thrilled about getting to know the city’s hot spots and dives and gems only the locals knew about.  But… where were they?  These places I would get referred to were ok for a tourist, but nothing was great.  I wanted real, heart and soul food.  I moved from Charleston where David and I often frequented places like, Zia Taqueria, Rue de Jean’s, and our favorite Evo, the brilliant brain child of Ricky Hacker and Matt McIntosh.  It boasts local ingredients, an ever changing menu, and love.  They have a painfully good choclatier that constructs the most delicious chocolate morsels, an enticing beer menu, and all of their food is made on site, locally, with a bit of dash and daring.

So, after a while I felt like I was crazy.  I mean, is Paula Deen’s restaurant honestly among the best in the city??  Because if it is, I’m not ok with that.

Then, there was Green Truck Pub.

David and I figured that perhaps the really good food was out of our price range.  I guess we have to pay up if we want to have something decent. 

I can’t remember how I discovered Green Truck but I like to think that it was sent to me by some foodie gaurdian angel. 

Heaven.  The Green Truck Pub is heaven.

They have a small but delightful selection of craft draft beers and everything they do and are about is doing it themselves.  Hand made pickles and ketchup, local veggies and breads.  The place is small and quaint and has the same turn of employees bustling about every other night.  I adore it.

Among other places we have found (Sentient Bean, Sammy Greens, Taca, Local,  the bbq couple at Polk’s every Sunday, and Back in the Day Bakery to name a few) Green Truck is the king in my book.  Try the hot ham and swiss, or revel in the quesadilla that features whatever local seasonal veggie that’s about, or try a slice of the cheese cake that’s baked just a few blocks away and made from a Grandmother’s close kept and cherished recipe.

Love Green Truck Pub and spread its love.  Hooray for eating well and living well.  Cheers to that.