August 16, 2010

To you.  Friend from a distance and a lifetime and a tick ago.  Hi.  It seems just yesterday, last week, we ran around the same circle in the same season on the same timeline.  How life’s pages turn.  We’re in different chapters from the same edition now.  I still smile thinking about when we had the luxury of laughing together among friends.  Once I told you that you reminded me of apples, flushed and vibrant.  I always think on that, how silly the comparison but how it still feels like the right way to describe you.  I feel like I’ve come to know you better and love you more as the years have passed, though I don’t know how or why.  But, you are a dear friend and among my closest without knowing it.  I thought you should know.

I hope you are well.

There is a girl who walks her dog in the morning on my running path.  Her behind is shaped like an upside-down heart and I can’t help but stare at it.  There is also a young man who wears an orange reflective vest and rides a bike around the park every morning.  He introduced himself as D’Angelo.  I try not to run at that time anymore.  He makes me uncomfortable.  There are two older women who hustle-walk in bright colored polos and capri casual walking pants.  They gossip the whole time and the one who usually walks on the right side struggles to keep up with the one on the left.  There is a group of three older black men who walk together and always bid me a good ole southern “Good Mo’nin” as I pass.  An overachieving well-to-do man jogs with his fru-fru designer dog most mornings I’m out and must live along the park because I often see him start out with his dog and then finish out the morning jogging solo.

It’s comforting to see these people each day.  I look forward to seeing, or not seeing, them each morning, whatever the case may be.  I hand wash my jogging “costume” each day and I enjoy the routine of it.  I lay each item out to dry on our little sun porch walkway and check on my little basil plant as I go in.  Charlie cat likes to hang out by the door, as if she were brave enough to try to escape.  She’s terrified of whatever lies beyond the door jamb, I can see it in her hesitant attempts to pass it.  

I have felt really introspective lately.  Frustrated by the day-by-day blah and angry at myself for not getting out of it.  I find comfort in the characters I meet, creating profiles and descriptions and a place for them in my life.  I wonder if I’m a character in their morning run stories…  

Maybe I should get myself some tulips, they always make me happy.  In fact, if I ever give flowers, they are almost always tulips, as a gesture of, “I hope these make you as genuinely sunny as they do me”.