August 17, 2010

Holy Souffle.

I. Made. A. Souffle.

Thank you Martha Steward online.  

I wasn’t expecting anything magnificent.  I was raised on Stouffer’s Spinach Souffle, which I can say pretty confidently I wouldn’t enjoy now, but as a child, it was the best thing I had ever tasted and felt that any souffle I would ever make wouldn’t have a chance at standing up against my memory of Stouffer Souffle.

En Garde.  My souffle was souffleriffic!  Oh my god it was so good.  It was light and fluffy and golden brown and eggy and sweet and salty and rich and warm and delicious and complex and nutmeggy and made the rest of my plate envious.  Mmm, mmm souffle.

Now, from what I hear, souffles are impossible to perfect so something tells me my next seventeen attempts are going to be tearful atrocities, but, from the way this one turned out, it’ll be worth the wait.  We had potato curry with sweet grape tomatoes, red pepper, and yellow onion over jasmine and parsley rice alongside warm garlic naan and the victor of the evening, spinach souffle.  Yes.